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Mature content
skull and star . :icondanikhan:danikhan 0 0
shark star gamer :D :icondanikhan:danikhan 1 0
Mature content
Mature content
Star gamer and Rose Sun making out :O :icondanikhan:danikhan 0 0
nurse star gamer at your service :icondanikhan:danikhan 1 2


Star Wars rebel specforces :icondx-101:DX-101 12 6
Mature content
Akame and Leone: Akame Ga MC Switch :iconjack-inqu13:Jack-Inqu13 377 23
Dark Souls III: Yhorm and Aldrich :iconaliennocsastarino:AlienNocsastarino 105 8
The Lioness And The Serpent. (Part 1)
Male!Reader x Leone
It was just a usual night within the capital. Either corruption, murders, or other vile acts of power being abused for either sick and twisted hobbies. There are sick people who use their power and wealth for their own twisted desires. Unknown to them, they only make the targets on their backs more and more visible. That's where people like you come in. You were sitting in bar, waiting for a associate of yours. 
"Need a drink, mister?" The middle aged bartender asked you.
"Just give me a small cup of sake please and thank you." You said and he fixed it up and placed it in front of you. You took the cup and started to drink. That's when you felt a tap of your shoulder. You turned and saw this woman with blond hair and gold eyes.
"Come here often?" She asked.
"I suppose. The only place where I can actually drink in peace without someone getting shot or a bottle smashed over their head." You said and she laughed.
"Well as long as I c
:iconneonshadow89:neonshadow89 111 42
The Firekeeper x Ashen One part 3 :iconshadowstep1019:ShadowStep1019 21 5 Firekeeper x Ashen One part 1 :iconshadowstep1019:ShadowStep1019 44 3
Yuno X Male!Reader : New school and a psycho
'Great, just amazing, just freaking awesome. New schools are the worse. Ugh,chats with these people man? They keep staring, like, do your own thing.' You hung your head down as you entered your new school. It wasn't a bad looking school but you still liked your old school. Anyway, for some reason there weren't much people around, looking at your watch you were 35 minutes late. "Damnit damnit damnit...late on the first day. Now everyone's gonna stare at me more. And where's my class?" You ran to the front office searching for 5 minutes, they gave you a slip for being late and told you where your class is. Looking around you thought it was hopeless and just entered one of the school blocks. Looking at the door numbers you finally found your class. Taking a big breath you knocked on the door. The teacher came and opened it. You had an arm around the back of your head with a nervous smile and slightly laughed. "Uh sorry for being...late."
"Well, you ARE new. But it's over 40 minutes since
:iconimouttamymind:ImOuttaMyMind 87 17
Mature content
PrincessRosalina x MaleReader :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 23 2
Deathstar Reflections :iconwil-woods:WiL-Woods 1,777 578 Scp - 401 :iconphantomgline:PhantomGline 36 4 SCP-847 :iconphantomgline:PhantomGline 23 6 The Many Personalities of Sucy :icongollum123:Gollum123 22 4
The Love Duo! Leone X Male Reader #1

                                                                    Chapter 1
                                                            The Unstoppable Hitman 
This story will take place after Leone suffer multiple gunshot and almost die. After this story, next will be the last chapter for Che
:iconayalachris91:AyalaChris91 41 9
Mature content
The Warden and The Clutz (Sheele X MReader) :icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 27 25
Yandere Blake x Male Reader
Heyooo Duncan here giving you another Yandere story! This one is for Blake, Good luck on this one Mr. Reader.
RWBY - RoosterTeeth
Duncan, Dawn, Marcus - Mine
You - Yourself
So it all started with a- *KABOOM* The heck?! What was that?
Dawn: No more bullying Velvet, Cardin. Or do I have to get Goodwitch?
Ah, Duncan's other sister, Dawn. She came from Atlas after the wedding to see her brother and then decided to transfer to Beacon. Ozpin put her on Team RWBY but they kept the name. (Y/n) greeted her along with his team, making her feel welcome. Ruby was excited to finally have someone similar to her age on her team- wait I'll explain about her later, back to the lunchroom...
Cardin: N-no, not at all! I'll never bully her again and the same for Jaune!
Dawn: Good, now scram weakling. If I see you bully her again, I will not show mercy.
(Y/n): Well played Dawn, you ok Velvet?
Velvet: S-sure thing...
(Y/n): Alrighty then, how about I help you to you're dorm?
:iconduncan-donut:Duncan-Donut 46 29
Jimmy De Santa ( button Mash) :iconsupermare:Supermare 1,137 79



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